Garage Grit

August 16 – September 29, 2013 Garage Grit – On art, travel, traffic and the future Transportation of information and ourselves, this ever moving social and physical network around us, is what fascinates Thomas Marecki. Travel defines our reality, but we usually don’t ask how it is laid out. Why are things running the way they are? Sure it works, but every presence has a million turning points. Sometimes they lead to dead-ends, sometimes to major breakthroughs. With Garage Grit Marecki wants to change perception and direction. We derive from the past, but tell our own future. Science is fantasy and art is fiction. Information is for everybody, technology has potential beyond controlling our everyday lives and we all travel more than ever before. Garage Grit presents several artist positions to vehicles and transportation, information and traffic, bricolage and self-induced technology. These positions become manifest in artefacts like car part sculptures and paintings, cut out Google maps, self-made rockets and a poetically recomposed driving game. These are all grouped around the centre piece: a self-made e-Lotus. All works in Garage Grit document artistic activism against the odds, far forerunning industrial adaptation. Garage Grit wants to trigger the mainstream with grassroots craftsmanship. Of course the electrocar could already be the standard, but it isn’t. Therefore Marecki takes us Back to the Future, surrounded by likeminded artists who are able to suspend the political and economic assumptions that chain us to our present states of travel.

Participating artists in Garage Grit are: Death Spray Custom (UK), Florian Hofnar Krepcik (NL), Thomas Marecki (D), Patrick Pulsinger (Aut), Tom Sachs (USA), Arcangelo Sassolino (I), Hansjörg Schneider (D).

About MU: MU is an adventurous guide in the suburbs of art of today and tomorrow, for a wide and mainly young audience. MU offers breeding ground for hybrid talents. MU is an open and dynamic space, momentarily hosting two separate venues in the innercity of Eindhoven. MU’s program exudes the 21st-century practice of creative multidisciplinary collaboration.

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